Our passion is to offer you an exclusive and intimate encounter with Nature.

Led by our certified and savvy guides, we facilitate an exciting, fun, safe and unique experience.

This year we celebrate our 20th anniversary offering a unique, specialized service.

Take a minute to explore, who is Team Explora

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Explora abides by the highest safety standards. 20 years of experience; no accidents. We run our training institute, Puerto Rico Rescue & Outdoors School (PROS). It works in collaboration with World-renowned organizations. Through PROS our guides are certified as first responders specialized in wilderness first aid, vertical rescue, swift water rescue and cave rescue by:

  • National Outdoors and Leadership School
  • National Association for Search & Rescue
  • National Cave Rescue Commission of the National Speleological Society
  • Always Ready 24-7
  • American Heart Association

among others


What is PROS?

Puerto Rico Rescue & Outdoors School is a training institute designed to create leaders who can provide quality experiences in adventure tours through guided educational travel into recreational areas and ecosystems. PROS is properly registered and incorporated into Puerto Rico’s Department of State.



1.Throughout the program PROS provides workshops, services and educational tours in the environmental sciences with the purpose of becoming great nature interpreters; always following the international philosophy for protection of our environment: ‘Leave no trace’.


2.Training in safety, search and rescue, following the highest national and international operational safety standards.

P.R.O.S. offers courses in environmental sciences, a curriculum of guided field hikes and nature interpretation courses of the various ecosystems and their dynamics, guided by:

  • Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Natural Science, University of Puerto Rico
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Interior
  • Department of Environmental and Natural Resources
  • United States Geological Survey
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • National Cave Rescue Commission



P.R.O.S. assembles both locally and nationally recognized guides-interpreters and instructors who specialize in diverse areas of search and rescue operations, as well as educators of science geology, hydrology, biology, speleology and other relevant areas like meteorology and astronomy.



P.R.O.S. is a living vanguard institute that believes in hands on field based education. Our seminars consist of excellent presentations and experience based education. Class and workshop areas become the environment that surrounds us.



‘On demand’. Some search and rescue seminar, like Swift Water Rescue Technician I, will depend on the appropriate and safe weather conditions.




  • We only travel in small groups. We want to spoil you. We’ll make you feel Nature’s VIP.


  • From adrenaline to peace. Extreme? Zoom in body rafting through fun river currents. Relaxing? Listen to the sound of springs in the river cave and a concerto of birds in the jungle.


  • Optimum service. Fantastic guides who will share your values and your passion to explore. They will be new friends that you'll want to keep for life.


Experience. Feel.

You cannot find this in a guidebook. EXPLORA is about feeling… Getting drench by rain in a pristine forest; listening to birds, watching bats; floating downstream in crystal-clear water.


Exclusive locations

We can take you to a hidden paradise. It is our private Nature reserve. You will live serendipitous moments that will become your best memories.



  • We follow Leave No Trace principles. Our low impact role is committed to preserve the outdoor experience for future generations.
  • We recycle our disposals.
  • We patronize & create exchanges with local communities.


Knowledgeable & Certified Staff. New friends.

Our friendly & savvy Guides are Nature Interpreters that will share enormous passion for the ecosystems you’ll explore. They are musicians, scientists, journalists, photographers… Each one impassioned about the outdoors. Our personnel is certified in wilderness first aid, vertical techniques, swift water rescue & cave rescue.