Team Bonding MultiAdventure

Co-workers need to have fun together to become friends. Crawling like a toddler in a cave passage and getting drenched under a water fall with my teammates changed our relationship forever. That will become success”, Explora’s Client from Young Presidents' Organization, world’s premier peer network of chief executives and business leaders.


With 20 years of experience, Explora’s Team Bonding Adventures have become very effective experiences for strengthening confidence among group members or co-workers. Our key is having fun group challenges in an exciting Multiadventure that result in stronger bonds, better communication and friendship.

The uniqueness of this experience? While fun and challenge build up bonds, the participants will enjoy hands-on learning about the amazing Puerto Rican geology, an intimate and mind-opening experience in forests that were the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean millions of years ago.

Explora’s Bilingual Nature interpreters will share their enormous passion for the ecosystems you’ll explore.

Special pick up service can be coordinated.

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