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Explora Revival

Dear friends.

Our natural reserve is located in the mountainous, northwest region of Puerto Rico, in Barrio Las Marías II, Arecibo, nearby the Tanamá river.
Established in 1994, our mission is to protect the biodiversity of this area, develop professional guides that offer interpretative tours, and support the people of our community.

On September 20, 2017, category 4 hurricane María caused catastrophic damages in its path. The island of Puerto Rico is suffering a humanitarian crisis.

Most families in our community endured substantial loss in their homes, and lives. They were left without potable water and electricity. Most of the residents lost their jobs. The farmers lost their crops. Their nearby roads, schools, churches, supplies stores and gas stations also suffered severe damages.

In addition, the historic flooding of the Tanamá River tore down the bridge that connected these families to the rest of the communities and to road PR 10, which provided crucial access to their city, Arecibo. In order to get gas, drinking water or supplies, people must now travel twice the distance to the towns of Hatillo and Lares. They need to drive through alternate roads that María also left in bad shape.


Since day one, Explora staff was able to access the neighbor families: a total of 150 people, 40% of which are seniors and children. We distributed water, food, medicines, gas, clothes and basic home supplies. We will never forget their happy faces when they saw friends visiting their homes.
After identifying their urgent needs, we continued providing essential supplies supporting the expenditures with our emergency fund account.
While there is some federal funding intended to rebuild Puerto Rico, the slow and complicated bureaucratic process prevents these families and our eco-tourism initiative from having our needs met.


Explora Revival is a campaign dedicated to raising the money to fund our volunteer efforts.
We are committed to supporting both the urgent gathering of supplies and the more fundamental community-led reconstruction, which aims to make our people, even stronger than before María.
We can quickly deliver funds to their intended recipients and ensure they are efficiently invested in priority needs.

Supporters who donate will be opted in to our newsletter. Along with Explora Puerto Rico’s Facebook Page, our monthly newsletter will provide updates on our progress.
We know it will be an arduous work, but with your support, Explora Revival can rebuild a stronger community and a sustainable environmental tourism project for the future resilient generations of this beautiful Caribbean island.


Please help us by donating through our PayPal account.


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